5 Ways to Help You Feel Unstuck

Published Date 10/22/2014
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Learn how to feel unstuck and free

In today's society, it seems very rare to meet someone who hasn't felt stuck once or twice in his or her life. Whether its a job that isn't interesting or a relationship that doesn't have a spark, this feeling seems all too common. Keep reading if you're looking for tips to feel unstuck in your life.

Bring Some Change Into Your Life

Complacency is one habit that can cause us to feel stuck. Take a look at your surroundings and habits and see if there are small areas where you can switch things up. Would you like to try a new restaurant? Is it time to rearrange your living room furniture? If you're not sure which parts of your life you should change, an online psychic reading can help you pinpoint the best areas to start.

Allow Yourself to Play Again

Perhaps one of the reasons we feel stuck in life is because when we grow up we forget how to play. Responsibilities for our job and our family take over, and we stop doing things that were once enjoyable. If this sounds like you, bring some playtime back into your life. Whether it's going to a comedy show, picking up a paintbrush, or pulling out your favorite board games, a few hours of remembering how it feels to play can loosen the roadblocks in your life.

Don't Be Afraid to Let Go

In her book, "If the Buddha Got Stuck," Charlotte Kasl recommends that if you feel stuck and want to transform your life, you need to learn to let go. In one exercise, she asks readers to hold their breath, squeeze their fists, and tighten their muscles. Then, she says to let that breath out and loosen all their muscles to feel what a difference it makes to let go. The same relaxing feeling is possible if you picture all the issues that make you feel stuck, and then mentally let them go.

Let Water Wash Problems Away

Water is a great element to admire when you're trying to feel unstuck. Whether it's rushing in a river or splashing on a shore, water is always in motion. If you have a particular problem that you're trying to work through, take a bath or go for a swim and let the flowing water help get you moving. A psychic life reading can also help you figure out which problems to focus on so you can get out of your rut.

Get Up and Move

While feeling stuck is a metaphor, the literal act of getting up and moving around can help. Going for a walk, dancing, or exercising can get the blood moving and help you work through the problems that are making you feel stuck.

Even though feeling stuck is a common problem for so many people, it's not one that has to affect you for a long time. If issues in your life have you feeling stuck, follow these tips to break free and move on.


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