5 Relaxation Techniques That Help Reduce Stress Fast by Psychic Serenity

Published Date 1/22/2017
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Feeling Stressed? You are not alone!

Feeling Stressed? You are not alone!

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Thinking about stress when you’re stressed seems to just make things worse. It becomes a never ending cycle in your thoughts. So take a deep breath, relax and take a look at my list of five simple things you can do to help alleviate stress! 

1. Silence Your Smartphone
Smartphones have become THE number one distraction for so many of us and most of the time we aren’t even doing anything productive on them. If you are like me, you actually spend the least time on your phone, actually talking on it as a phone! Learn to put your cell phone away or slide it to Airplane or Do Not Disturb mode so you don’t keep getting those distracting notifications.

What difference does it make if you scroll through your social media newsfeeds now than in an hour from now? Your friend’s pictures of their latest meal or cute cat photos will still be there! Being stressed and looking through social media puts our focus on other people, which can be a good distraction but in reality, the stress will still be there if we don’t start acting on our responsibilities.

2. One Task at a Time
Being stressed usually means that we have a lot on our plate to get through with little time. We try to multitask to get it all done at once, but our concentration usually can’t handle the pressure of all the tasks. Try to do one thing at a time. Once you start ticking off items off your To-Do list, you will start to feel a bit of pressure off your shoulders. Plus, every tick gives you a little bit more motivation for your next task.

3. Exercise
You’ve heard this before and it’s true. Exercising, whether it be a swim or just a simple walk outside will refresh your mind. Sitting in one place for too long without movement will make you feel restless. Even if it’s for 5 or 10 minutes, go outside and get some fresh air. Get your muscles moving and your heartrate up, a few pushups that only take 10 seconds will actually get the blood flow running and you will immediately feel less stressed.  

I have a fitness tracker I wear on my wrist and once an hour, if I haven’t gotten in at least 250 steps it sends me a gentle reminder (I call it a love tap) to get up and move. When I hit my step goal, it displays “Way to Go” with a virtual gold star and it make me smile. If you need that extra motivation, I highly recommend one of these trackers for this and many other health benefits!

4. Change Environments
Sometimes all we need is a change of environment, something different to look at. Go to your local library, a cafe, or even just a different room in the house. Maybe you just need to get out and find some more inspiration. Staying put in one place to achieve all your tasks can feel dull, find alternative places to get your mind stimulated again.  Think of it as a vacation for your senses!

5. Listen to Music
Music sometimes can be a distraction when trying to focus on getting work done. However, if you’re feeling stressed, take a short break and really listen to some music. Focus on the sounds of your favorite genre, you will start to feel more relaxed and ready to take on your tasks.

There are other ways to reduce stress from getting a massage, to using crystals and essential oils and more, but I just wanted to give you few quick, easy suggestions to help start you on the right path to living a less stressful life.  

If you want to talk more, I’m always available to speak with, just give me or any of the advisors at Psychic Source a call!

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