10 Healing Properties of Amethyst Crystals

Published Date 12/17/2015
Category: Health & Wellness

Amethyst crystals help clear your mind and heal your spirit.

The modern world is stressful. Working long hours, raising children, caring for aging parents, managing your debt, and preparing for your retirement can really take its toll on your body, as well as your soul. Traditional medicine may not be able to heal your spirit, but alternative medicine can.

While an online psychic or clairaudient person can help you, one of the most powerful tools in the alternative medicine arsenal is gemstones. 

Gemstone therapy helps align your chakras and focus your energies on healing your spirit, and amethyst crystals are one of the most healing. Here are some of the ways amethyst crystals can help you:

Psychic Attack

If you have people in your life who stress you out, and you just turn into a bundle of nerves every time you get around them, what you are experiencing is a psychic attack. Amethyst crystals actually help guard against these attacks by turning that negative energy into love and protecting the wearer against ill wishes.


Amethyst is also a natural tranquilizer. By wearing these crystals, you can relieve your stress and strain while soothing irritability.


Stress affects everyone but when you feel that it is all a bit too much, a little amethyst can help put you right. It helps you see everything in the proper perspective.


Everyone feels a little like they are missing the big picture from time to time, and reacting to situations instead of taking control. Amethyst crystals help open your psychic abilities and enhance your natural intuition.


Amethyst crystals also help you focus by clearing your mind. The stones align your energies and clear out the noise so that your attention is free to focus on what really matters.


If you are often forgetful, amethyst crystals can improve your memory. By opening your mind, you are free to concentrate on the things that really matter and remember the important things, as well as the little details.


Have you had some bad days lately? Keeping an amethyst crystal with you throughout the day can also reduce your sadness.


Do your stress and anxiety cause you to overindulge? Do you drink a little too much? Have a hard time turning down dessert or second helpings? Amethyst crystals help to curb overindulgences of all kinds. 


Amethyst is not the most well-known stone for prosperity, but it is actually one of the best. Amethyst therapy can be very helpful when dealing with money issues or legal problems. It helps you see everything so clearly that finding a way out of your troubles becomes simple, and pleasant.


Because amethyst helps you see things clearly and find the elements on which you should focus, it is great for travelers and well-known for protecting people from theft. The stones let you spot threats before they become dangers, protecting you wherever you go.

Amethyst crystals are one of the best stones in alternative medicine for improving mental function and reducing stress, as well as the symptoms that come from living a busy life.


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