Why We Overwork Ourselves

Published Date 6/29/2020
Category: Career & Finances

Are you spending too many hours in the office and neglecting your wellness?

In the United States, hard work is highly regarded and vacation days are often scarce. There's a notable tendency for you to overwork yourself, foregoing rest and relaxation to stay in the grind. If you're wondering why you're so inclined to stay in the office, the following considerations may help explain it.

Work Satisfies Your Survival Instinct

The human brain is hardwired for survival. It drives you to work hard, produce in quantity, and push forward. Unfortunately, you've retained many primitive instincts that aren't necessary in the modern world. For example, the high-sugar foods that were excellent fuel in a world of scarcity are now causing obesity and disease in the modern climate of abundance.

Constant strain is no longer necessary to ensure survival, yet you continue to pursue it because it feels essential for success. Releasing the instinct to overwork requires a higher state of consciousness that recognizes the value of rest, rejuvenation, and connection as much as the value of work. 

Busyness Becomes a Habit

Staying busy is a staple of modern culture. It's common to have chaotic calendars and full schedules. It's easy to fall into the routine of rushing from one activity to another. You may feel lost if you don't have another checkpoint to head to immediately after your current activity. 

It takes a dramatic shift in thinking to form habits that incorporate relaxation and downtime. It's difficult to identify all the obstacles on your agenda. A tarot reading may help you put things in order and find a path out of the chaos.

Mindfulness Gets Lost in the Bustle

If you're addicted to overworking yourself, you've likely let go of the important habit of mindfulness. A mindful approach to life is slow and focused. When you're mindful of your surroundings, you exist entirely in the present. Working with an authentic psychic can help you identify the obstacles that are getting in the way of a peaceful practice of gratitude and mindfulness.

The Work Culture Rewards Productivity

The American culture prioritizes productivity and hard work. The United States is the only advanced economy on the globe that doesn't guarantee vacation time. Workers in the U.K. are guaranteed a minimum of 28 days paid leave. France guarantees 25 days and Spain guarantees 22. In America, there are no such requirements, so you may not enjoy paid vacation time at all.

This culture makes it difficult or even taboo for you to take time off. Hard work is prized, and promotions go to those who are in the office churning out projects. It takes a mindful choice to buck the system for you to stop overworking yourself.

If you're trapped in a cycle of overworking yourself, step back and reconsider your approach to life. Slowing down and prioritizing your health, family, and relaxation can do wonders for your wellness and may even boost your productivity on the job.


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