Raising Your Personal Vibration - Part 3: How to Have a Wonderful Work Experience by Psychic Arabella

Published Date 9/23/2016
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Always try to stay positive at work!

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Welcome back to Part Three of a Four-Part Series on Raising Your Personal Vibration!

As I’ve gone into detail in the first parts of this series, raising your vibration can help your soul soar and make everyday life much more enjoyable at home and with loved ones. But what about at work? Having a job is part of most people's lives, but many people do not enjoy it. Are you interested in making your work experience a more joyful one? It all starts inside of you. Your personal vibration is a huge factor in how you feel each day. All of life's experiences as well as relations with others make up your personal vibration, but you do have a lot of control over whether it goes up or goes down. 

Read on to find 3 quick and easy ways to raise your vibration at work.

1 - Greet Others
To start, when you greet others, put a little zip into your voice and sound excited to see them. Ask them how they are or simply give them a good morning, afternoon, or evening greeting. You know how people often complain about the "bubbly" person at work? If you become that bubbly person, rather than being one of the ones who complains about them, your vibration will soar. 

2- Stay Positive Throughout the Day
Next, you want to do all you can to maintain a positive frame of mind throughout the day. There is no denying that work can be frustrating for many people, but how you choose to view your situation can either help or hurt you. You could spend all day thinking about what is wrong with your workplace; but if you spend even a few minutes being thankful for what is right at work, then your day will go much smoother. You may even find you begin to enjoy it more.

3 – Avoid Procrastination
Finally, do not procrastinate or partake in any other behavior that could potentially make work more difficult. A great work ethic is key to raising your vibration at work. You have tasks that need completion. Finish them as quickly and efficiently as you can and then move on to the next task. Worrying about them or procrastinating will only cause your vibration to go down. This is why we begin to feel stress at work when a deadline approaches. Keep the motto: Just get it done! You will feel better and you will be ready to attack your next task.

Raising your vibration at work will not only help you while you are at work, but will also help to set the tone for the rest of your day. Whether you go home to family, a second job, or just to rest; the remainder of your day will be better when you leave work soaring on your higher vibration. You will be feeling ready for life instead of feeling drained! 

The final article in this series will show you how raising your vibration prior to a psychic reading can help you have an amazing reading experience. I'm looking forward to sharing more information with you and hope that you are enjoying your journey of learning how to raise your vibration.

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