Keep Your Spouse On Budget With These 5 Tricks

Published Date 5/15/2013
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Keep Your Spouse On Budget With These 5 Tricks

When you and your spouse are strapped for cash, you're going to need to create a budget to make sure that your finances don't become more strained than they already are. However, it can be challenging to stick to your plan once you develop it. Old spending habits may die hard, and you might become frustrated with your partner if he has a difficult time staying on target. Here are some tips for how you can both work within your budget and keep financial stress from burdening your marriage.

1. Get rid of options to cheat
While it might seem like something you don't need to be concerned with, loopholes can quickly become the death of your budget, according to Investopedia. It's in your best interests to eliminate temptation at all costs for you and your spouse. This means getting rid of credit cards that give you the illusion of endless spending opportunities. In the end, using this tactic may be especially helpful to your spouse if he's known for whipping out the plastic.

2. Remember the goal
Whether your goal is to put more money toward savings or a vacation fund, having an objective can help you and your partner stay on track, according to Discovery. By keeping a goal in mind, you'll also be more conscious of your efforts to save money. For instance, you may feel a little more guilty splurging on an item that you don't necessarily need if you know the money should be going toward something else.

3. Invest in software
This might seem a little extreme, but Good Housekeeping magazine claims that investing in financial software can do wonders for you and your spouse. Think about finding a program that's easy to manage on a regular basis. Even if you only end up using it to guide your financial decisions, a little bit of help can spare you tension in your marriage. 

4. Only use what's in your wallet
Another easy way to help your significant other stay on track is to encourage him to use the money he has in his wallet rather than a credit or debit card. Being able to see how much spending cash he has available in front of him may make it simpler for him to maintain his budget.

5. Talk to a secondary source
Many couples seek an outside source to help them handle their finances, and this could be the perfect solution for you. Think about consulting a financial expert to help you maintain your money and keep your budget intact. Just remember to choose an individual who gets along with both you and your partner for the utmost efficiency.

If you're still having cash woes after taking these tips into account, speak to our live psychics for more insight into the situation. Tarot readings can let you know if your partner is truly ready to change or if you're in for more financial trouble. A reading can help you plan accordingly for the months ahead.


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