How COVID-19 Will Forever Change How We Work

Published Date 9/26/2020
Category: Career & Finances

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed how many people work... in a good way.

For many people back in March of 2020, there was a Friday where you headed to work like normal, and by the following Monday all nonessential offices and businesses were shuttered, leaving companies and employees to figure out how to keep businesses running. Since then, many organizations have found silver linings for the way we work tucked inside the uncertain clouds of COVID-19. This pandemic has changed how many of us work permanently — and that's for the best. 

Workplace Flexibility

One of the biggest changes is where we work. Of course, some occupations, like health care and food service, must continue in person. But the majority of office jobs, and even some sectors like education, have discovered that allowing the entire company to work remotely is far more feasible than anyone might have guessed. Working from home gives everyone more work/life flexibility and balance.

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Faster Internet

Some people got sent home to work remotely only to find their internet wasn't up to the challenge. Luckily, this increased demand for reliable high-speed internet is already spurring internet providers to increase bandwidth and improve at-home internet offerings. 

Form Over Fashion

The days of suits and high heels could well be behind us. Working from home, of course, usually means you can dress more comfortably than you did in the office. Even if we do go back in the office part or full time in the future, it's likely workplace apparel will remain more casual. 

Better Communication

When you're not just down the hall from your manager or coworkers, you have to make an effort to connect with them in meaningful ways. Phone calls, video conferences, and instant messaging are all excellent for sharing thoughts and ideas in real-time, even when you're not with your peers. Our online clairvoyants can help you see how better communication will impact your career prospects looking ahead.

Understanding and Compassion

Perhaps most importantly of all, company leaders and employees have increased empathy for their colleagues. Many people are caring for children, elderly parents, or sick family members while working from home. Since COVID-19 has impacted all of us, we're far more understanding when a coworker needs extra support or some time off. Compassion, something many businesses could use, is now in high supply and should remain so as we continue to navigate this post-COVID-19 reality. 

While COVID-19 has caused many challenges for people all over the world, it's had an unexpected effect on the way we conduct work. Increased flexibility, improved resources, comfort, communication, and compassion are all indicators that the way we work has changed — for the better. 


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