From Loathing Money to Loving Money - My Journey by Psychic MaryJane

Date 11/29/2021
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What is your relationship like with money?

What is your relationship like with money?

What is your relationship with money?   Think back to your childhood. How did your parents and extended family handle money?  What are your earliest memories of money?  When I was a child, I desperately wanted a bike.  I watched as all the other kids in the neighborhood got bikes except me.  I finally did get that bike years later. 

It was only as an adult my parents explained they simply didn't have the money to buy me one at the time.  Money was never talked about in my household.  Not that this is a bad thing, it was their way of living.  I often wonder if they had told me they didn't have the money if I would have been able to dismiss the jealousy and feelings of not deserving a bike.  

I am not by any means blaming my parents for my bad relationship with money.  They in fact worked very hard and were very disciplined in the use of their income.  My father and mother would put their extra income in white envelopes.  Each envelope had a title.  Dinner out.  Casino weekend.  Down the shore.  This system worked very well for them.

I Used to Hate Money

I have a feeling my relationship with money is perhaps intertwined with my past lives.  Most of my adult life I hated money.  Anything that involved it brought me stress.  I didn't like talking about it, and paying bills was high on my stress list.  

Being on my own and supporting myself while still in my teens was a great life lesson.  It did not however change my fear of money.  In my late 30's an event happened, and I lost everything including my house and almost everything in it.  What I thought was going to be the most traumatic event of my life ended up being the most liberating.

Somehow, through those tragic events I lost my fear of money and suddenly I felt empowered by it.  This was not overnight of course, but I went from LOATHING money to LOVING money.  I started to work on manifesting and experimenting with many things and as a result, money started to flow into my life.  

I went to sleep doing positive affirmations about my relationship with money.  I repeated statements over and over until I fell asleep.  I researched other cultures relationships with money and learned their habits and views. To this day I keep my toilet seat down and the bathroom door closed as so I do not let my “money go down the drain.”

The Law of Attraction and Money

I bought an oracle card deck which explored the concepts of law and attraction and money.  I carried a card in my purse and placed one by my bedside.  

I learned from a girlfriend who is a crystal healer to put a citrine gem in my wallet.  I prayed to release my feelings of not being worthy of money and to be grateful for its abundance coming in.  I visualized my bank accounts filled with the level of money I wanted.  I purchased things that made me feel happy, even if it had a higher price tag than my past self would allow.  

I suddenly valued myself more.  I matched that value with my time.  Projects and business ventures suddenly were on my terms.  I had the voice to say what I was worth whereas in the past I simply accepted what was offered.  I often ask the cards for advice in helping my clients (I do not offer advice, but the cards do… and wonderfully so!)  When we delve into the money aspect, more often than not it will show us blockages.  Our own issues that are blocking the flow of money coming into our lives.  

I hope this article helps you unlock the power of money in your life.  Give your relationship with money a ponder and see how your future with it changes!

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MaryJane is a psychic medium who became friends with the cards in 1992. Desperate for information, she drove to libraries and bookstores reading everything she could get her hands on. Nowadays, she smiles at the plethora of information available on the internet and is very glad for it. She has been helping people through her gifts for almost 3 decades. In addition to her soul purpose work, she is a grief facilitator for new widows, a hospice volunteer and a lover of life!


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