Financial Stress

Published Date 7/9/2012
Category: Career & Finances

Financial stress can be taxing!


It is the first of the month and you see the mail truck passing by your window.  You instantly begin to worry No need to put it off, you go to the front door on your way to the mailbox. Your breathing becomes labored as you walk slowly to the mailbox knowing what awaits you.  You begin to crunch numbers in your mind.  The outcome is still the same. Not enough money!

You have been unemployed for over 6 months or longer. You have faithfully put in applications for employment almost daily. A new month is here, another month of the same situation. Your luck never changes; you always have more bills than money!
Prioritize your finances, understand that your important bills that must be paid first. A roof over your head, along with lights, and food should be the order. Transportation is very important; you certainly need transportation to continue your search. Creditors can wait.  They may be calling but realistically you can only stretch your money so far. Explain to them that you intend to pay your debt but you have an inability to do so at this time.
What can I do? The first thing you cannot do is give up! The economy is indeed rough and it is becoming harder and harder to really see the light at the end of the tunnel. You went to your first interview in 6 months and you haven't heard anything back from the company another disappointment.

This is the time to shake off all negativity, get rid of clutter in your life and home. Draw positive energy around you! I am a strong believer in visualization and faith.  You must envision yourself prosperous. Have faith with the belief that things will get better!  View this time as an opportunity to learn a new trade that can only enhance your skills in the workforce. Start honing in on your special skills and talents.  An example of this would be, if you sew, cook, bake, paint, do handy work etc; let it be known that you have these talents and would like to render your services for a fee. Many people use yard sales to earn extra cash. Use whatever skills or hobbies you have to help you earn money. Network, network, network!

The universe gives when it receives. Volunteer a little of your free time helping others. This can help you in many ways. You will have the opportunity to network, and continue to feel productive.  Secondly many potential employers view volunteering favorably.
The point is, keep your focus on your prosperity, have faith you will have a positive outcome. Do not allow negative thoughts of despair to enter your realm. This too shall pass.


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