Do You Love What You Do for a Living or Are You Just Watching the Clock?

Published Date 7/25/2020
Category: Career & Finances

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A great career isn't the only pathway to a happy, successful life, but at the very least, your job should make you feel satisfied and content at the end of the day. If you're having second thoughts about your profession, it might be time to rethink what you do. Here's how to tell if you truly love what you do or if it's time to move on.

You Can Never Find Enough Time in the Day to Do Everything

Never having enough time to tackle your to-do list can mean you have too many responsibilities to juggle. If your workload is manageable, however, you may feel like each day zips by because you love what you do. When you're passionate about your career, you're likely to spend extra time digging into fascinating issues, perfecting your work, and enjoying every moment of the day.

You Can't Seem to Stay Focused

If you feel like each day drags on forever and you can't seem to stay focused, you may be dealing with the opposite issue. A lack of motivation and a tendency to make mistakes at work often signals you aren't living up to your professional potential or that you simply aren't happy. If you're feeling stuck, a psychic reader can help you talk through your true career passions and decide on a more rewarding professional path.

Your Colleagues Continually Inspire You

There's nothing wrong with talking about work, especially if your conversations focus on the amazing and impressive accomplishments of those around you. If your colleagues continually astonish you with their skills and drive or amaze you with how they lead and manage, you may be in the perfect place careerwise.

You Talk About Work Constantly

If your colleagues are truly inspiring, you might find yourself mentioning them to your spouse or friends. However, if the work-related issues you constantly bring up are related more to growing responsibilities, management issues, or organizational problems, something other than fantastic co-workers may be preoccupying you. If your work-related discussions tend to include you venting about office issues, you may need a professional change.

You're Always Thinking About the Bigger Picture

When you love your job, you won't feel like you're stuck in an office doing menial work day in and day out. Instead, you'll easily be able to see how your work serves as an important piece of the overall puzzle. If you're regularly thinking about the bigger picture, consider it a sign that your job rewards you in more ways than you realize.

You're Always Looking for an Escape

In contrast, constantly seeking to get away from your job indicates you need a way out. If your need for an escape has translated into overeating, drinking too much, developing a shopping habit, or indulging in other vices, don't wait to find a new job or career path.

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