Do This One Thing: Live 'As if' with Gratitude | Manifesting Using the Law of Attraction by Psychic Artemis

Date 1/30/2023
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Sometimes folks squirm a bit when I explain the power of telling their financial and abundance stories as they want them to be, rather than how it might seem to be based on their perception today. They believe they need to be “factual” about what is happening right now.

This is missing the mark. I tell them if they continue to speak about and look at the “lack” they perceive, as being “what is true right now,” they won’t find what they’re seeking. I also let folks know that if they want more in their life to be grateful for, they need to start with a big dose of gratitude in advance.

If you want to see change and more abundance in your life experience, just do this one thing - have gratitude and live “as if” you already have it.

How the Law of Attraction Really Works

The Law of Attraction and manifestation works best when we remain in high-frequency thought, based on gratitude, while behaving and believing as if we are already in the abundant life, or living “as if.” The reason this is such a powerful manifestation technique is that we live in a pulsating vibrating universe. Everything that exists; the air we breathe, the earth beneath our feet, the water we drink, and even our bodies are vibrating in motion constantly. There's nothing that exists outside of this vibrational nature! To manifest, we must consciously gain vibrational control of the input and output of our experience.

You see, thoughts are existing things! Thoughts become things! The chosen thoughts that we're having right now are attracting the next thought, and the next, and the next. As you consistently and deliberately think and speak more of what you do want, and less of what you do not want, with a heart full of gratitude, you will find yourself in a more perfect vibratory alignment with the pure, positive essence of Source. And Divine Source is the essence of abundance and creation itself.

Examples of How to Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest Money

Consider the following example. At one time or another, you may have had the thought,

“Whoa, I only have $10 in my wallet!” We’ve all been there.

The key word here is “only.”

There’s a huge amount of limiting constriction that’s resonating with a scarcity-based thought vibration like this.

Why not be thankful for, and bless that $10 in your wallet?

Instead of thinking that what you currently have is not enough, vibrationally change your thoughts so that you’re actually expressing gratitude instead of limiting disappointment for what’s there right now. Instead say: “I’m so grateful for this $10 I have in my wallet!” and co-create a more bountiful next moment, attracting more to carry in that wallet.

I always point out that the word “gratitude” sounds like we’ve put the words “great” and attitude together. Gratitude comes from the Latin root gratis and means “pleasing”. So, if we are feeling grateful, then we are in a pleasing state of mind and body, sharing our gratitude or great attitude. In other words, we must feel pleased and be grateful consciously. This creates a complimentary circle of receiving and giving.

How to Manifest What You Want

Think, thank and act “as if” you already have the abundant life you desire.

Continuing to tell stories of shortage and lack only contradicts your desire for more abundance. The universe can hear your thoughts, even if you aren’t saying them out loud. So think better, more abundant thoughts.

You can't have it both ways. You can't focus on what you don't want and expect to receive what you do want. You cannot focus on stories about wealth and comfort with words, thoughts, and feelings that make you feel uncomfortable. Changing the vibrational thought story, then feeling and living “as if” it is already here, unfolding moment by moment, brings about better results.

Don’t worry if someone seems to be getting ahead more quickly than you. Comparison with others is a spiritual crime that robs us of our peace and prosperity. Keep jealousy and greed out of your mix, as well as cruel judgments, and stop comparing yourself to others in general. Those are all “low vibe” feelings, and you MUST stay high frequency.

The universal Law of Attraction and Manifestation tells us that if we want our fortunes to change, we need to act “as if,” and tell a different self-story. Stop telling yourself what you don’t want and start speaking about what you do want. Speak “as if.” Live “as if.” Cultivate gratitude. These are the secret keys to manifesting your desires.

And remember, this is a practice, a skill. As you practice more and more, practicing positivity, pleasure, and gratitude, and losing the lack and scarcity mentality, and living “as if,” you shift the dominant vibration in your existence, attracting money and abundance into your world. Soon that $10 spot in your wallet may have a few more zeros on it. 

Do this one thing: manifest abundance by living “as if” it’s already yours, with a heart full of gratitude.


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Artemis is a Certified Angel Tarot Reader and Intuitive that has been drawn to the mystique of the Law of Attraction, studying with many thought leaders from the films “The Secret” and “What The Bleep Do We Know”. With a Master’s degree in Transformational Psychology and a background in Reiki, teaching yoga and metaphysical energy work, she uses her psychic abilities and spiritual coaching skills to help clients identify and overcome obstacles in their personal and professional lives.


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