Dealing with Tough Issues at Work by Psychic Mackenzie

Published Date 9/4/2018
Category: Career & Finances

Don't say or do something you'll regret at work!

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As I always say, “work is our center”. Work is something we do to fulfill self and in doing so it remains a core passion and motivator. Often termed who we are work represents our innermost being, something we live for and love just like family. 

What happens though when tough issues arise at work? How do you handle it when something or someone, is affecting your career? It's like protecting your child from harm, it can be easy to go to battle over something that's central to who you are. 

Staying Focused
Without getting upset, stay focused when things go wrong. Every job, yes, every job, will fall on hard times or have issues arise that can be hard to sort through. Of course, tough issues are the ones that effect your time, your pay, and your motivations, we not talking about minor issues of this or that. Staying focused is particularly important for the toughest issues and by guarding your lips until you think the issue(s) through. Always remember to think before you speak. This will help you stay calm and focused. Out of respect for the company and others involved, it is always a good idea to remain calm in weathering any storms.

Don't Take a Hike
It's easy to want to quit at times of trouble, yet in my own experience as we weather each storm you become a more valuable building block to the company. Think before you leap. Sometimes saying nothing is like 1000-word article, it speaks volumes. Consider doing just the opposite of running away and stay put. It's my opinion that the ones with this type of work ethic become more valuable to the company and to themselves as they find their own calm within the storm and grow spiritually as a person in the process.

Show Concern, Not Complaints
While there is no magic formula for solving difficult situations, it can be done. If you feel the need to be heard follow the following guidelines will help you prepare for a meeting with someone in your company you feel can help.

I like to say, “I have a concern, not a complaint, is it possible we can speak?” and in any good company culture, they should accept your request for a meeting. Prepare your meeting notes and season them with salt, making your words tender so they are heard instead of cast aside. As in anything it's not what you say, it's how you say it that matters. You will earn a great deal of respect by presenting your ideas in a rational and concerned way vs. complaining. 

Make sure to point out good points too. It's only fair to balance the good and the bad in presenting a reasonable case.

Are you having issues at work? I would love to speak with you to resolve. 

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