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Dealing with the Stress of Working Multiple Jobs by Psychic Quinn

Date 11/23/2022
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Try not to stress if you feel overworked.

Try not to stress if you feel overworked.

There are a lot of you out there that work multiple jobs to make ends meet or to save for something special. In past generations, having a side hustle or a second (or third!) job was looked upon as an unfortunate circumstance, but not anymore! Multiple streams of revenue are a financial strategy utilized by many in today's society and it is more commonplace than not. Here are some ideas to bring into play if you work multiple jobs and find yourself stressed, tired, stretched too thin or overwhelmed... you got this!

Perspective Shift

Channel a positive outlook. Take a look over your week-to-week schedule and start to infuse purpose into how you think about the various things that fill your time. If you are bringing dread into each week, that will begin to drain your energy and make everything more difficult.

Instead of resenting a job for being time restrictive, it aids to your wellbeing to appreciate the job for the resources that it brings into your life. Identify on your schedule the commitments you have that summon negative thoughts. With this newfound awareness, you can take power in your life to assign a more beneficial way to think about it.

Take Action: A long chat with a good friend or a psychic reading is an excellent way to get an instant perspective shift! 

Tap into a Support System

Even the strongest of us need support. No, one person can do it alone. Humans are a social species that benefit from being in the supportive company of others. In the spiritual exchange of abundance, it is important for flow to maintain a balance of giving and receiving. Undeniably, at some point your load will feel too heavy to bare alone… there will also be times those close to you will need you by their side. The ebb and flow of life are present even when you are pursuing your dream job! A support system is needed regardless of where you are in your career journey. 

Start investing in yourself and your support system today! 

Balance Physical Energy

Keep endurance high. Multiple obligations demand a lot of energy. When your schedule is packed, the last thing you need is to navigate through all your tasks exhausted. Energy essentials include prioritizing sleep each day/night, drinking plenty of water, fueling your body with quality food and keeping physically active outside of work commitments. Although it may be a challenge at first, building a good physical foundation will help create more energy so that you can move effortlessly through whatever life throws at you. 

Another great reason to prioritize a healthy foundation is that it reinforces self-worth and therefore increases your level of confidence. This newfound confidence will make you feel stronger and more secure as you move through the challenges that your schedule may present. 

Maintaining a Work-Life Balance

It is important, to hold close to your heart, the reason why you’re working so hard in the first place. Without a meaningful purpose to drive you through, quality of life will eventually decline. Whether it’s spending quality time with loved ones, travel, or a hobby be sure to schedule time each day to focus on what makes you happy. A lot of times this is extremely counterintuitive and my even feel pointless, but it is not! You must refill your cup before you can give to anyone else. When time is stretched thin, often the first thing to get neglected is our own priorities. Set up daily reminders on your phone or place sticky notes around your home to help you channel your energy into what matters to you, it will refuel you emotionally.

Don’t Forget: Make sure to schedule things for yourself to look forward to on a regular basis!

Set Goals - Write it down!

Perhaps the most underutilized tool of manifestation…. Writing! This is the first step of taking any idea from a thought to reality. The momentum that can be gained by using writing as a spiritual tool is unparalleled. Whether you are on the path you want to be on or nowhere close, writing down short-term and long-term goals will serve you in living your best life! A daily to-do list is a great place to start. Clarity and focus are natural byproducts of goal setting as you define each step to take. Writing down what you want to see in your life will create the drive to keep you accountable to your commitments. 

Remember, there will be times when the going gets tough in any journey. The essentials above are derived from personal experience and tailored specifically for those of you feeling overwhelmed by too many commitments.

Keep these 5 things in mind in order to get the most out of your career journey:

  1. Always look for ways the universe is conspiring FOR you
  2. Prioritize relationships you can depend on (and that can depend on you!)
  3. Treat your body with respect
  4. Live in the moment
  5. Document your journey! Writing leads to manifestation…

Take care & wishing you infinite blessings!

xoxo Q

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Quinn is a Certified Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive who has studied spirituality from a wide variety of cultures. Combining the best of both worlds, she loves to take a cerebral approach to mysticism alongside putting complete trust into tools of divination. Quinn is well versed in many types of cartomancy but prefers to use a custom created deck and process that pulls dually from both the Earthly and Spiritual Realms and compares them alongside each other. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and is currently pursuing graduate studies in Philosophy. Quinn uses her psychic abilities and coaching skills to help her clients gain deeper understanding and confidence to pursue their wildest dreams.


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