Dealing With Office Politics

Published Date 9/11/2018
Category: Career & Finances

Seeking advice from a friend or psychic gives you perspective on office politics.

Knowing how to deal with office politics is an important skill to develop, whether you’re just starting on a career or are a seasoned professional. Being adept at handling the sticky situations that arise from alliances clashing, betrayals, and gossiping means you’ll be able to stay above the fray. Here’s a list of strategies for dealing with office politics.

Avoid the Drama

One way to handle office politics is to stay away from it as much as possible. Though you may not be able to avoid it entirely, you can certainly decrease the amount of time you spend with people who thrive on the drama of interoffice bickering and politicking. Instead, find your own allies who prefer to remain neutral rather than play favorites or take sides. This is a safe bet if you don’t want the risks that come with playing this kind of game.


Stepping away, literally, from the office scene may help you achieve some perspective. Expect to approach the situation renewed and with a fresh outlook by taking your mind completely off the relationship tensions. Carve out a ten minute break each day to clear your mind and reenergize yourself so you can handle office politics with a positive attitude.

Seek an Outside Perspective

Discussing aspects of office politics with someone outside your organization may help you gain even more perspective. Friends who have more experience navigating their way through tough situations with co-workers may have some advice.

When you need a quick bit of advice, check out psychic websites where you may be able to get a fast reading on a particular person or problem. If you have time for a phone call, live psychic advice is just moments away. These individuals serve as a sounding board and help you understand outcomes that are on the horizon. Armed with this knowledge, you may be able to make better choices as you deal with office politics.

Create Your Own Organizational Chart

After you’ve had the chance to observe the power structure within your department or company based on office politics, think about people and their positions in terms of that hierarchy. Using this strategy gives you better insight into how people are connected, which may or may not have much to do with actual job titles. Creating your own mental organizational chart using office politics may reveal to you the best people to approach when you need something done quickly.

Build Your Relationships

It’s always best to avoid explicitly taking sides because one person quitting or getting fired may tip the balance away from your alliances. Instead, work on building strong relationships with people on all sides of the political fence. If your department doesn’t usually work well with human resources, take it upon yourself to become the liaison between the two factions. The goal is to earn respect from everyone by positioning yourself as a bridge builder.

By leveraging your own talents along with these strategies, you’re less likely to fall prey to squabbling and bad attitudes that threaten your happiness.


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