Creative Energy Flow: Crystals for Your Workspace

Date 1/11/2023
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Which crystals are the best for you and your workspace?

Which crystals are the best for you and your workspace?

What are some of the best crystals to keep on hand at work? Whether you want to boost creativity or improve efficiency, there's a crystal that will enhance those energies and is suitable to place around your workspace or studio. Let's unearth a few of the best.


This crystal, particularly green aventurine, stimulates perception and enhances creativity by allowing you to see alternate possibilities. It opens the heart chakra, inviting in luck and prosperity. Use it to neutralize workplace stress and anxiety, which will help you stay calm to attract the success you seek. Keep your aventurine in your desk drawer and call your numerologist for advice whenever aventurine is around.

Black Tourmaline

In today's plugged-in workspace, clearing out "cyber smog" is essential. Black tourmaline is the top stone for the job. Keep one near your computer and close to your cell phone. It will eliminate all electromagnetic waves, delivering mental clarity. It will help create a sense of empowerment if you work in a challenging field and is a grounding stone, offering a sense of balanced power.


The stone of success, citrine, is also called "the lucky merchant's stone." This beautiful yellow crystal is energizing and highly creative. It enhances imagination and encourages self-expression, allowing you to manifest your dreams into reality. This stone helps you find your path to success.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's eye is a protective stone that is both stabilizing and grounding. This crystal will help release fears around accomplishing a goal. It will encourage you to take risks and explore your creative side. Is self-doubt holding you back at work? Why not harness a boost of courage from tiger's eye? If that doesn't work, try a psychic chat online.


A striking aqua-green crystal, this stone is also good at eating up cyber smog and has other positive effects on the office environment. It stimulates the throat chakra, improving verbal communication while balancing yin and yang energies, helping to eliminate gender disputes.


A cluster of purple amethyst resonates with the sixth chakra, the third eye. This high vibrational plane allows us to see things objectively, so we don't get so wrapped up in emotions. Amethyst enhances a sense of community and teamwork at the office and can bring an added level of harmony to any project. Place amethyst as the centerpiece on your conference table for a big impact.


A top choice as a master workplace cleansing crystal, selenite is a must. This crown chakra stone has the power to clear negative energy that may be spreading around the office. It also acts as a guidance stone, leading you to make the right choices.

Enjoy enhancing your workspace with beautiful crystals. Expand your mind and stimulate your surroundings, both visually and energetically, with your own favorite stones.

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