Career or Divine Destiny?

Published Date 9/8/2015
Category: Career & Finances

What do you want to do after you graduate school?

It’s that time of year again.  When kids head back to school, college campuses return to life, and students everywhere begin to wonder… “What am I am going to be when I grow up?”  As children, we are taught that at some point we will have to complete our education and then secure lucrative employment which pays a salary, which will then allow us to buy the car, pay the rent, purchase food, clothes, and the latest and greatest electronics. 

Does this all sound cold and calculating? Well, for far too many it is. Somewhere down through the ages we have lost something very deep and spiritual about ourselves. I’m not suggesting that we should not have houses, cars, clothes and electronics. On the contrary, our modern world is set up so that these are necessities for normal day-to-day living. 

Life after School
The missing link is what we do every day in our jobs, how we make the money which allows us to operate in normal every day society. When high school students are talking to recruiters the first thing they want to know is: “How much money will I make after I graduate?” A valid concern but should it be the first concern? Because it is very likely whatever profession you go into after college, or even high school, will be your profession for most of your life. 

Before deciding on a career path, you should ask yourself these important questions:

Do you want to wake up every day dreading your job? 
Do you want to live every day waiting for the weekend or even just for your shift to be over so you can leave?
Do you want to become jaded and lose your passion for living? 

The answers to the above should all be “Of course not, none of us do.” 

Divine Destiny
So, how do we avoid this and how do we help our children and grandchildren avoid it? By finding a profession that feeds our soul. We all come into this world with a divine destiny; a God given talent or gift that we will cause us to be of service to others and feel inspired every day to share ourselves with the world. The trick is figuring out what that talent or gift is. 

Follow the Path to Happiness
And it is never too late to change your profession. There are plenty of people who have reinvented themselves in their forties, fifties or even their sixties. As mentioned above, if you are struggling with a career path, ask yourself “When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?” And yes, this is a valid question. The little boy that wanted to be a superhero could very well turn out to be a fireman or policeman or even work in search and rescue. The little girl that read all the time and dreamt about faraway lands would probably be very happy as a librarian or author. The clues are there, you just have to follow the path until you find the answer. 

And if you still need help, consider a psychic career reading. Our gifted advisors can help you tap into your inner child and guide you and your loved ones to your divine destiny.

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