Break the Ice: 6 Ways to Become Friends With Your Co-Workers

Published Date 10/5/2015
Category: Career & Finances

Learn how to break the ice and befriend your co-workers

When you’re focused on work, it’s not always easy to get close to those around you. Here are six ways to break the ice and make friends with your co-workers.

Make Coffee Dates

Scheduling a coffee date is one of the most innocuous ways to get to know a colleague a little better. Plan your meeting with a work topic in mind, but take care not to focus completely on work. Introduce some small talk so you can get to know a little more about your colleague, and build from there. If coffee isn’t your thing, try asking a co-worker out for a fresh juice, a cup of tea, or even lunch.

Network With Colleagues

If your office tends to be straitlaced, networking is a great place to break the ice. Many networking events strike the ideal balance between work and socialization, so you can use the professional history that you share as a jumping-off point to a more social relationship. Since networking tends to expand both your professional and social circles, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to grow your group of colleagues.

Seek Out New People

If you have yet to make connections with the people you’ve worked with for years, don’t worry that you’ll never be able to befriend your co-workers. Instead, make a point of seeking out new people in your office. Break the ice with some small talk, plan a coffee date or two, and see how your friendship develops from there.

Keep It Positive

Work can be stressful enough, even without a co-worker spreading negative energy throughout the workplace. That doesn’t mean you can’t vent once in a while, but it does mean you shouldn’t be the office’s most vocal grumbler. Do your best to keep things pleasant by starting and ending your interactions on a positive note. That will help your colleagues view you as someone they look forward to seeing, as well as someone they want to interact with.

Ask for Advice

Many people are experts in one area or another. Find out what your co-workers excel at or what they’re passionate about, and ask them about it. Most will view your recognition of their knowledge as a compliment, and they’ll appreciate sharing more about something they love. If you’re having trouble working up the courage to approach co-workers, a psychic chat online can help you work through social issues to make breaking the ice easier.

Find a Mentor

Whether you’re just getting started on a career path or you’re already on your way toward being an established professional, developing a relationship with a mentor can be a positive experience in many respects. Not only can finding a mentor allow you to develop a deeper bond with a colleague, but it can also help you broaden your professional and social horizons. Try an astrology reading to confirm whether you’re a good match with a certain mentor.

Since you spend the majority of your day at work, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make friends with your co-workers. Use these tips to break the ice, and let your friendships grow.


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