A Quick Guide to Midheaven Signs

Published Date 12/15/2015
Category: Career & Finances

The exact placement of your midheaven sign at the moment of your birth can determine your future career.

Whether you're new to astrology or looking to deepen your understanding, learning about midheaven signs can vastly improve your knowledge. To understand how these signs work, you first must learn what they are and what they can tell you about your career and your future prospects.

What is a Midheaven Sign?

A midheaven sign is a zodiac sign. Quite literally, this sign was in the middle of the heavens when you were born, directly overhead. Your midheaven sign was at the zenith of the zodiac. You may also have heard of this referred to as the Medium Coeli, which means middle of the sky. MC and MH are common abbreviations. In most house systems, you'll find this sign in the tenth house cusp.

Midheaven (MC) Sign Meaning.

The word Midheaven literally means "middle of the sky." As one of the most significant components of your chart, the midheaven can guide an astrologer in predicting your career shifts and other events that can change your life. The midheaven shows major goals, your career path, your achievements, and your life direction. As the entrance to the tenth house, it relates to reputation, social standing, and career, your most prominent achievements to others. It can help you uncover your life purpose and highest aspirations.

How Can Midheaven Signs Help You Plan a Career?

The midheaven plays a big role in vocational planning, but there are other aspects and signs to consider. You should look at all signs and planets in the tenth, as well as those in the second, which is the house of earnings, and the sixth, which is for work habits and conditions. Still, the midheaven is the most crucial factor.

What Else Can Midheaven Signs Show?

Along with forecasting your career, the midheaven sheds light on different aspects of authority. Astrological readings focusing on the Midheaven can describe dynamics in your relationship with authority figures like your parents, give insight into how you interact with authority generally, like with your boss, and show what happens when you become an authority figure for children and employees.

How do You Determine Your Midheaven Sign?

Knowing your exact birth time is crucial in determining your midheaven sign. When there are major progressions or transits, the degree on this sign reflects the timing of your status or career. This is why knowing your exact birth time is so important. For every four minutes in birth time, the midheaven changes by one zodiac degree.

As few as ten minutes' difference can throw forecasts off by two years or even more when it comes to planets that move slowly, like Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune. Likewise, if you're considering a move to improve your career prospects, a mistake of only two or three egrees on your Midheaven can displace lines by one or more states. So, it's important to be as accurate as possible to avoid losing out financially.

Learning about your midheaven sign can help you understand how to pursue a fulfilling career as well as give you insight into other related aspects of your life. You may want to contact an authentic psychic for further information on your new path.


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