6 Relaxation Techniques for the Office

Published Date 11/12/2018
Category: Career & Finances

Quick stretches at your desk can help ease tension.

When your boss gives you an unfair reprimand or your coworker takes credit for a problem you solved, you can almost visualize your blood pressure rising and your muscles tensing. Unfortunately, many stress relief techniques, such as lying down in a quiet room, don't work in an office setting. When you get stressed at work, try these relaxation techniques.

Clean Your Workspace

A clean and uncluttered environment helps ease the tension from your body. When stress mounts, file away the stacks of paper on your desk and throw away last week's coffee cups. If possible, put all unnecessary items in drawers or on shelves. You'll find it easier to relax when you're not surrounded by unnecessary junk.

Stretch Your Muscles

Tight muscles in the back, shoulders, and neck can trigger tension headaches, exhaust your body, and leave you sore and frustrated. Try stretching at your desk to relieve the strain. Twist from side to side in your chair, push against your desk while you arch your back, and stretch your arms over your head.

Keep Humor on Hand

If possible, bring a book of jokes to work or store a file of humorous stories on your computer. Devote a short break to unwinding with a laugh. If your office forbids such activities, try to recall a funny story on your own. Laughter allows tension to escape and reminds you that your discomfort is only temporary. You'll feel more relaxed and more capable of facing any obstacles your boss tosses your way.

Rest Your Head

There's a reason why Kindergarten teachers tell their unruly students to put their foreheads down on their desks and silence their mouths. It's a calming ritual, according to Intuit, that quiets the mind and stretches your back while you take deep, cleansing breaths. Try to focus on the sensation of the stretch and rest. If you still feel tense after work, book a psychic chat to uncover the root of your unease.

Drink Some Water

According to WebMD, scientific evidence proves that drinking water reduces stress. When you feel tense or overwhelmed, fill a glass or bottle with fresh, clean water and sip it while you see to the task at hand. Imbibing water increases the secretion of cortisol in your blood, which increases your sense of well-being and peace.

Find Your Source of Gratitude

What makes you thankful? It could be your spouse or child, your talent for a particular hobby, or a recent streak of good fortune. Think of any reason at all to feel gratitude, then focus on it. Devote your whole attention to the sensation of thankfulness for a few minutes before you return to your to-do list. It will focus you on pleasant emotions, and some of the stress will seep away. 

Employing these relaxation techniques at work will help you achieve your goals more productively and avoid destructive behavior. An online clairvoyant can also help you develop stress-reduction techniques specific to your needs, especially if you work in a highly demanding job or if you're unsatisfied with your career.


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