4 Ways to Join the Team and Build Friendships With Your Co-Workers

Published Date 4/4/2019
Category: Career & Finances

Making friends with co-workers adds some fun to the workplace

Starting a new job can be overwhelming. You're acclimating to the organizational culture, coming to grips with your job, and adjusting to a new boss and co-workers. It's an unsettling time and there's no one you can share your feelings with. Get some advice from a psychic on the best way to approach your new workplace. Making new friends is always a good place to start. Here are a few ways to quickly build friendships and become part of the team.

1. Engage in Water Cooler Talk

As cliche as it is, the easiest way to start getting to know your co-workers is in random chitchat in common areas of the workplace — the kitchen, the water cooler, and even the restroom. Be friendly and greet co-workers as you move around the office. Making friends is not as hard as people think. Friendly and approachable people quickly attract friends. It might help to compliment someone on their outfit or their work on a recent project. It's a great way to break the ice and invite camaraderie.

2. Have Lunch in the Break Room

Avoid taking the easy way out by eating at your desk. Take the brave step into the cafeteria or lunchroom and scan the area for a group to join. Most people will happily welcome you to their table. Just as you're keen to get to know people, your fellow co-workers are also interested in finding out more about you. Before you know it, lonely lunches at your desk will be a thing of the past.

3. Attend Social Events

Whether it's happy hour after work or a formal office shindig, say yes to any social invites that come along. Introverts will find this hard. You're worried you'll end up being the proverbial wallflower watching everyone else having a ball. Being the new guy or girl is awkward and breaking into established cliques is not always easy. However, force yourself to start mingling and strike up a conversation with someone. Social events are a great place to start meeting and getting to know colleagues. 

4. Join Volunteer Programs

If your company runs one or more corporate volunteer programs, join one that interests you. If there are no volunteer programs at your place of work, offer to join cross-departmental project teams. For example, if a team has been set up to work on improving the company's eco-friendliness, ask to join the team. Volunteering is an extra investment of time, but you'll quickly get to know more people in your workplace. You may even find it highly rewarding.

Making friends at work requires taking the initiative. However, don't force it or try too hard. In most cases, like-minded people naturally gravitate to each other at work. A tarot card reading can help reveal who to trust at work and who to steer clear of. In time, though, you'll settle into the team comfortably and won't need to engage in any more awkward water cooler banter. 


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