30 Days to Manifest Five Easy Things in Your Career by Psychic Ivy

Date 11/23/2022
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Start small with these simple manifestations.

Start small with these simple manifestations.

The idea of consciously manifesting something can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Manifestation and the Law of Attraction can often feel like huge, abstract concepts. TV and movie productions and high-end coaches can paint manifestation as something one simply visualizes. As if manifesting one’s dream home will happen simply through gluing photos from a home decor magazine onto a poster board.

But when one begins to understand manifestation and the magic of it in truly starting small, this allows momentum to build foundations in manifesting much larger realities!

If you want to work towards manifesting a raise, a competitive transfer to your company’s office in Hawaii, or a CEO role, it is best to start with very simple manifestations.

Five Things You Can Manifest in Your Career Within One Month:

  • A great customer service experience: Lots of people dread calling any large company’s customer service department or reaching out even through email. The next time you have to call customer service to resolve an issue, visualize yourself receiving the ideal outcome. Spend as little as three minutes imagining yourself locking in the same rate for your business’ bookkeeping software that you’ve had for years. See yourself reminding the person you are calling you’re a loyal customer-- and you want to continue to support this company and utilize their products. Visualize a confirmation email stating your rate has been lowered and locked in for an additional two years. Let yourself then receive that outcome.
  • A side gig: No one ever said two incomes had to come from two people. As we enter a new era in our economy, multiple income streams can offer security and stability as opposed to only one. The beauty of a side gig is that it doesn’t have to be the same level of income or hours that a traditional fulltime job requires. Starting small can help you have fun in the process! If you’re an artist, entering a handful of art fairs this summer may not only finance a couple summer getaway weekends, but this will also show you your potential and what this side gig could be over time. Not sure what kind of side gigs are out there? Check out social media or some basic internet searches for all the exciting ways you can make a little extra outside what you already know.
  • A free meal: There is absolutely such a thing as a free lunch. As we start to get back into a normal routine of going to the office, tap into the energy of delight you’ll have when your team leader comes into a morning meeting with coffee, bagels and fresh fruit for the team. Or the feeling when a client sends you a gift card to a local restaurant as a “thank you,” for staying late or going the extra mile. Let yourself be open to receiving a free meal, unattached to how it comes to you. Savor it when you receive it and treat yourself to something you ordinarily wouldn’t order!
  • A new professional connection: Seeking an introduction to a property developer as a new realtor? Scoping out a company to handle your business’ social media marketing? Wanting to find a specialist in SEO to bring you web clients in your niche? All things you can manifest! If this feels daunting, start with something small. Maybe you imagine what it would be like to go to an online conference and leave with dozens of leads. Or you tap into what it would feel like to know you’ve just interviewed the perfect personal assistant you’ve been seeking for weeks. Let yourself dream, receive and celebrate these connections!
  • An opportunity to give back: In understanding the universe returns much of the energy you embody back to you, giving and generosity will only invite you to receive more of this yourself. Manifesting a fun volunteer opportunity can invite many other opportunities into your life--in career, finance and beyond! You may even be called to service that helps you receive more recognition, such as serving on the board of a nonprofit organization. Allowing yourself to give as much as you receive only allows this balance to be amplified.

See, that wasn’t so bad was it? And look, even if all of these ideas don’t manifest in 30 days or whatever timeframe you seek, you get the idea that starting small can lead to bigger and better things down the road. Cherish the small victories and wins and before you know it, you’ll be manifesting that dream job you’ve been desiring. 


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Ivy specializes in Law of Attraction and Conscious Manifestation from a psychic and spiritual perspective. Prior to taking her psychic work to a full-time level, she worked in tax accounting and tax law for over six years. Ivy is passionate about helping people manifest their dream career, finances and life. Book a reading to build a strategy in manifesting your next goal with Ivy!


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