3 Steps to Help Survive a Lay Off by Psychic Sylvia

Published Date 3/7/2016
Category: Career & Finances

It's important if you are out of work to stay focused and positive.

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Have you been let go from your job, due to downsizing, funding cuts, or other reasons that, while logical, leave an emotional sting? Not to mention the financial impact! Sorry to hear that. 

Here are three ways to support your ability to get back in your own center, on your feet, and moving forward again with increased dignity.

1 - Nurture Yourself
Surviving a job separation in a healthful manner necessitates nurturance, the sooner the better. Do you have loved ones whose opinions of you are not contingent upon your employment status? Great! Call upon them for extra caring at this time; no shame there. If not, then sorry about that, though that is even more powerful. The strongest love to nurture you through this transition comes from within. 

Do the things that make you feel special, no matter how many negative thoughts and emotions you experience. To get out of it, you must go through it. There is another side. You will persevere! Take that bubble bath. Use your aromatherapy oils. Laugh at those comedy performances. Curl up with your favorite blanket. Soak in all the self-love you know how to soak in, and then soak in some more!

2 - Move Your Body
Almost ready to get up off of the couch, toss aside the blanket, turn off the TV and get moving? Almost? Almost is the right timing for when to get moving. Start with gentle activities, especially if you’re not used to a demanding physical regimen. Walk around the block. If you’ve let your yoga or qigong practice slide, pick it back up. Even one posture for a few minutes is a start. Moving your body gets your energy flowing again. You can do it!

3 - Get Organized Anew
After a lay off can be a powerful time to press the reset button in your life. What have you always wanted to do but felt you were obligated to that job so didn’t have time to pursue? That goal may well be within reach now, with your new freedom! Breathe in the possibility. If it ignites your passion, then that may well be your true life path. How exciting is that? 

In accordance with that renewed goal, reorganize your belongings. Start with your desk. How do you want to arrange it to support that new goal? How are your notes and ideas organized and stored? Go for easy accessibility. Use your previously stifled creativity to form your new environment, and then plant yourself like a seed in that new environment. Breathe in the new energy, new ideas, and allow yourself to sprout, knowing that you can bloom where you are planted. You’ll be fine, if not better!

These three uncomplicated, yet potent, steps will help you shake off the shame, frustration, and stagnation to move you into action! We’re always here at Psychic Source, to support your ability to find hope and identify your inspired action steps, via phone or online chat with a professional psychic reader.

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