Developing Your Psychic Skills: Take Action

Published Date 6/24/2012
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Now put your skills to work!

Now it’s time to get down to the meat of it all:  how do you interpret these dreams?  I wish I could give you a simple answer. Alas, I cannot.  The symbols and dreams that create repetitive patterns in your dreamscapes are personal. For example, I was a tom-boy as a young girl.  I had 4 brothers and we spent hours in the local prairie catching snakes so we could chase girls and scare our Mom.  I have no fear of snakes and the symbol brings back some very fond memories.  It is also a symbol of healing (caduceus) and a symbol of transmutation.  So for me, a snake appearing in my dreamscape is an invitation not a threat.  I am willing to bet that there are not a lot of people who will agree with me.  Therefore, a snake in your dreamscape will have a very different meaning than a snake has in my dreamscape.    Did you have a stuffed animal as a child that was a pink elephant?  Then a pink elephant in your dreams may be pointing back to a childhood memory.

Some symbols or patterns will be easily identified.  Different levels of a house have different meanings.  The basement holds secrets. The main floor living area is social.  The attic is spiritual.  The kitchen is nurturing.  The bathroom is cleansing / need to eliminate.  The bedroom is intimacy. There are many excellent books available that cover dream interpretation.  I recommend you buy at least 2 of them.  As you read them, keep in mind that your interpretation may, in fact, be different.  The books, however, will give you a great starting point and provide suggestions on how to interpret your dreams.

When you hit on the correct interpretation you will feel it.  Please don’t over-think this. Dreams are emotional and spiritual conduits from our subconscious to our conscious selves.  Trust your own intuition on this one.

Now it is time to take action.  The purpose for all this work is twofold.  First and foremost, we are developing a direct connection to our subconscious/spiritual self.  Secondly, we must put these lessons into action in order to further prove to ourselves that we can trust our inner knowing. 

Acting on the information obtained from a dream can be somewhat challenging at first.  We may appear a little bold when we bring up something personal about a co-worker and offer a solution that they have not asked for.   We may appear a little foolish walking down a particular street in the pouring rain with no umbrella or rain gear.  I promise you this:  every time you act consciously on a dream, you are progressing on your divine path, you are establishing a strong trust in your own intuition and you are being real.

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